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We get asked a lot about what kind of covers do you suggest for our fire pits?

We used to use just one supplier (Classic Accessories) but after Covid hit, they have started fazing out the line of covers we liked. Here are some ones we are starting to test. As you know we try to only buy American made products, unfortunately we have yet to find a company that makes these in America. These covers are meant to go on the fire pit with the grill on. You can find some of these on Wayfair as well.

Leave a comment below if you recommend or know of any other covers!


24" Fire pits with an overall diameter of 36"


30" & 36" Fire pits or Fire pits with an overall diameter of 42" - 48". These are all different covers.


42" & 48" Fire pits or fire pits with an overall diameter of 54" and 60"

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Sanjuana Vega
Sanjuana Vega


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